Blasts from the Past

This is a web site designed to offer a collection of vintage style toys, action figures and traditional toys for children and adults alike. Please browse our galleries from the drop-down menu above.

Take a look at the Star Wars and Doctor Who memorabilia; Talking Plush characters and soft toys; Funko POP! Vinyl figures; Lego Accessories, Lunchboxes and Lego Stationery; Children’s traditional wooden toys and board games; Nanoblocks micro-Sized puzzles – all of them Blasts from the Past.


After leaving school the site owner worked in his family’s video promotion business. He had been a keen collector of Star Wars memorabilia since childhood and in 2005, with the help of other family members, he decided to turn his hobby into a business and Blasts from the Past was born.

Future Goals

We are striving to build a reputable and comprehensive traditional toy collection. Fond memories of the past and toys harking back to an era when childhood was a time of magic and wonder. We are now in the process of introducing modern classics to our traditional toys ranges – take a look at the Lego lunchboxes, Lego Stationery items and accessories; Talking Plush Toys from Underground Toys; the Star Wars Vintage Collection; and the wonderful collection of vintage style games and toys from House of Marbles.

E-Bay Store

Our true Vintage Toy collection, including spare parts for the Generation 1 Hasbro Transformers, has now been transferred to the Blasts from the Past Ebay shop please take the time to visit us there.