Blasts Domino Rally Train 110 Piece Set

With 110 pieces the Blasts Domino Rally Train is an ideal gift for any child. Load up the domino stacker and watch as the domino train lays them out ready for you to knock them down. Ideal on wooden or smooth flooring.

The Blasts Domino Rally Train can be steered by turning the funnel and also features lights and sounds. The set is made up of 110 pieces including the train, domino cartridge, 100 dominoes, catapult launcher, start slide and finish bell.There is also a domino bridge x2 and a turn-around cactus. The train does lay out the dominoes on a flat surface but other accessories, such as the bridge, need to be placed by hand.

Blasts Domino Rally Train is a wonderful toy to promote hand-eye coordination. Load up the domino cartridge. rack them up and knock them down. Please take a look at the demonstration video below:

Blasts Domino Rally Train on YouTube

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Price: £9.99

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