Linky Lion Toy – Touch Sensitive

Blasts Linky Lion toy for toddlers and young children.

Linky Lion has a unique touch-sensitive function which is activated by skin contact.

A single player can hold hands with Linky and, at each touch or tap, produce a single note or sound. The faster the touch the quicker the sound producing a complete melody.

Linky Lion can also be used by two or more players where a circle of players is made complete by touching a hand, arm, face, forehead, nose or even ear and a single note is produced. To achieve a full melody the players must remain connected, choosing one member or taking it in turn to complete the circle by touch or tap.

There are 7 different melody options, playing classic children's tunes.

Linky Lion toy promotes early learning in children.

Linky Lion On YouTube

Price: £3.99

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