Funko Fabrikations Chewbacca

Another new addition to the Funko Fabrikations Star Wars range this 6" Funko Fabrikations Chewbacca figure was launched in November 2014.

This Funko Fabrikations figure of Chewbacca has a furry plush body atop a rigid vinyl frame. The frame is padded out with a dense foam to add bulk to the sculpture. Our favourite, furry, Wookiee friend has a rotating head and carries his weapon. Chewbacca's feet are weighted to help him stand.

Take a look at the Fabrikations Greedo and Yoda figures - Chebacca's Star Wars companions.

Funko Fabrikations Chewbacca is suitable for ages 14+ years.

Funko Fabrikations Chewbacca Small part choking hazard not suitable for under 3 years
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Price: £17.99

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